Monday, October 13, 2008

Mid-Scary Movie Month Update

I always seem to forget that my apparent life of film autonomy for the month of October comes to be voided due to college midterms. Alas here is a brief update on the pitiful amount of scary movies viewed thus far.

1. Joy Ride
Slashes: 3.5/4
Best Moment: In the motel room when they fool Black Sheep into meeting up with Candy Cane. Something about the way Steven Zahn laughs is so relatable towards experiences I've gone through with my friends - where you're messing with someone so bad that your whole body is responding. Add the sudden tension of realizing its no longer a joke with the great lighting and roadside motel room and you got yourself a golden scene.

Scariest Moment: I know its generic and has been done before, but when I first saw this movie and he mentioned the taillight being broken I almost shat myself. The entire scene from that moment through the car chase was amazing.

2. Prom Night
Slashes: .5/4
Best Moment: When the movie ended - hands down one of the worst things I've ever seen.
Scariest Moment: That this movie was made.

3. Session 9
Slashes: 1.5/4
Best Moment: When Josh Lucas's character is going back for the coins and there's the brief shot of the person in the hallway. Other than that the movie was pretty lame and boring with minimal payoff.
Scariest Moment: Above.

4. Martin
Slashes: 2/4
Best Moment: The scene with the priest at dinner was pretty funny, but not really.
Scariest Moment: None.

5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers - 1978
Slashes: 4/4
I plan on writing a whole entry for this film. Just like Halloween did in '05 or Suspiria in '06 this film blew my mind. Although its still early I'm predicting that this will be the best movie of the month.

6. Jacobs Ladder
Slashes: 3.5/4
Best Moment: Thinking to myself in a facetious manner that this whole film was probably about acid flashbacks, and then finding out I was right.
Scariest Moment: The scene at the party where the club music is playing and his girlfriend starts getting pounded by the stranger who turns into some sort of monster. The birds flying, the flashing lights, goddamn I was on edge.

7. Opera
Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: When the fake police officer is inside the apartment and then kills the friend with the Saw 2-like bullet through the eye hole. Yet again the aesthetic mixture of opera music and green/red lighting was perfect.
Scariest Moment: When the killer attaches the eye-pin devices to the women's eyes for the first time, very Saw-esque

So thats all I have done for the month so far. Next up on my Netflix Queue I have The Thing From Another World, The Brooding and The Omen...all films I have yet to see so check up for the updates.

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Tim said...

The Thing From ANOTHER WORLD. it's a good one, I think I like it better than Carpenter's remake. But then again, I'm a nonconformist.I'll let you know what that means later this millennium.