Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Scary Movie Month Ranking

And the winner is...
Results for the 3rd Annual Scary Movie Month

1.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Slashes: 4/4 
Best Moment: When the strange man approaches the car in an erratic fashion Philip Kaufman employs a realist approach, utilizing a long uninterrupted take.  As they get to the intersection a group of people run perpendicular to the road, they turn and see that the man is now dead with a handheld camera in the car.  Amazing!
Scariest Moment: When Matthew and Elizabeth are walking down the hallway they pass a door with a horrific man staring at them through it.  This is not addressed by the characters, and it occurs so early in film (before anything else really happens) that it helps push for a very creepy tension.

2. Jacob's Ladder
Slashes: 4/4 (changed)
Best Moment: Thinking to myself in a facetious manner that this whole film was probably about acid flashbacks, and then finding out I was right.
Scariest Moment: The scene at the party where the club music is playing and his girlfriend starts getting pounded by the stranger turns into some sort of monster.  The birds flying, the flashing lights, goddamn I was on edge.

3.  The Thing from Another World

Slashes: 4/4
Best Moment: When the men form a circle around the alien object, discovering its in the shape of a saucer!  
Scariest Moment: None, but considering I still give it 4/4 just goes to show how amazing the rest of the movie was.

4.  The Omen

Slashes: 4/4
Best Moment: When the priest is running through the forest after his discussion with Robert.  After freaking me out with his erratic demeanor it was perfect.
Scariest Moment: Obviously when the nanny hangs herself.  

5.  The Blob

Slashes: 3.5/4
Best Moment: When the best friend buys condoms at the drug store and the priest approaches him.  
Scariest Moment: The movie theater scene. Utilizing strobe lights to help take away the cheesy functioning of the blob made it perfect.

6. Joy Ride 
Slashes: 3.5/4
Best/Scariest Moment: See Entry Below.

7. The Fly 
Slashes: 3.5/4
Best Moment: When Seth Brundle goes into the bathroom and starts pulling out his finger nails/pukes up mucus/ear falls off/other thingy falls off.
Scariest Moment: The attempt to teleport the orangoutang.

8.  Tales from the Crypt

Slashes: 3.5/4
Best Moment: The entire story of the old man.  I forgot how good simple, short moral stories can be.  Add this with some quality horror and you got some kick ass shit.
Scariest Moment: The very Saw-esque razor blade basement scene (but considering the man was British it was better than most Saw scenes).

9.  The Innocents
Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: When the young boy responds to the startled Miss Giddens: "It was only the wind, my dear."
Scariest Moment: When Giddens sees the man through the window.

10.  Scanners

Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: When the head explodes.
Scariest: When the head explodes!

11.  Funny Games - 1997

Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: The opening credits.  For being such a realist film these credits really caught me out of nowhere.  The death metal, 1970s exploitation type of approach was a great kick start in contrast to the classical music that introduced the film.
Scariest: When Hanneke holds the long take for about 10 minutes revealing the boy to have been shot.

12. Opera 
Slashes: 3/4
Best/Scariest Moment: See Entry Below

13. In the Mouth of Madness 
Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: When they enter the small town.  I have an immense weak spot for any situation that involves outsiders entering a small town (whether it be Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, or horror films I get excited poop feelings).
Scariest Moment: The old man on the bicycle.  
14.  Company of Wolves 
Slashes: 3/4
Best Moment: Any of the stories the grandma told.
Scariest Moment: Waiting for some type of pedophilia to occur.

15. The Brood 
Slashes: 2.5/4
Best Moment: When the weird, small people kill the teacher.  
Scariest Moment: When the weird, small people kill the ex-husband. 

16. The Strangers
Slashes: 2/4
Best Moment: Mama Tried scene (see entry below)
Scariest Moment: Seeing the masked person for the first time (see entry below)

17. Salem's Lot 
Slashes: 2/4
Best Moment: When the husband catches his wife cheating.
 Scariest Moment: Dropping off the coffin.

18. Session 9 
Slashes: 1.5/4
Best/Scariest Moment: See Entry Below

19. Ghost Story 
Slashes: 1.5/4
Best Moment: The opening scene.
Scariest Moment: None

20.  Martin 
Slashes: 1/4
Best/Scariest Moment: See Entry below

21. Prom Night 
Fuck you!

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