Monday, January 19, 2009


Starting now I'm going to list the movies I've watched throughout the week every Monday, putting them in order of best to worst...we'll see how long this lasts.

Movies from January 11th - 18th, 2009

1.  The Wrestler (2008) - a BIG 4/4

I was nervous, I didn't think I was going to see that "one" movie this year - that movie that lingers long after you have left the theater, consuming your thoughts and tearing at your emotions.  Well it happened, better late then never. Go see it.  

2. Naked (1993) - 4/4

    I haven't had a moviegoing experienced like this since There Will Be Blood, and I dare say this might have been better (experience, not movie).  It's a movie where each scene is so brilliantly perfect and absorbing that you forget about Charles Barkley getting a DUI. Think Waking Life meets American Beauty.

3. Live Flesh (1997) - 4/4

   Another great movie that is a CLOSE third to Naked.  It's the fourth film I've seen from Pedro Almodovar and definitely his best, starring Javier Bardem as a paraplegic with red hair (making his haircut form No Country from Old Men actually look normal).  Brilliant story dealing with hidden truths, sex and passion.

3.  Man on Wire (2008) - 4/4
A documentary from James Marsh about the Frenchman Phillipe Petit who illegally strung a wire across the twin towers and walked across it.  I considered it the best film of the year until I saw The Wrestler.

4.  Milk (2008) - 3.5/4
A good movie, mostly on account of Sean Penn's amazing performance. I kept thinking of his role in Mystic River compared to Harvey Milk, can he get anymore dynamic?!  Think of Selena except with a more artsy vibe and no cheesy boyfriend who has hot sauce in a holster strapped to his leg.

5.  Taxi to the Dark Side (2007) - 3.5/4
Another great political documentary dealing with the horrors of the Abu Graib and Guantanomo prison camps, basically illustrating that although the Bush Administration, who gave the orders to torture, were found guilty and unjust in their decisions it was only the soldiers that were sentenced.  Bush Admin was self-pardoned, and the officers were never tried.  See it and get mad.

6.  Key Largo (1948) - 3.5/4
A great gem from John Huston with Lauren Bacall, Humprhey Bogar and Edward G. Robinson exploring America's post-war sentiments towards anti-totalitarian ideals brought about by the capitalist businessmen of the thriving industrial rewards of the wartime effort.  And The Beach Boys talk about it later in life...

7.  And Then There Were None (1945) - 3.5/4
A very Clue/Murder By Number who-done-it type of movie.  Nothing revolutionary or breathtaking just pure and simple fun.

8.  A Night at the Opera (1935) - 3.5/4
This was the second Marx Brother's film I have seen , and I definitely liked Duck Soup better (it replaced Duck Soup on AFI's top 100 2006 list).  In the documentary they said unlike Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera actually had a story, but that's what I think made Duck Soup so good in the first place - completely chaotic and hilarious.

9.  Rumor Has It (2005) - 3/4
This movie is inspired by the true-life rumors of The Graduate story, and was surprisingly enjoyable.  It's definitely a "feel good" movie that I now will revert back to when I'm feeling down on love.

10.  Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) - 3/4
What the hell?  Maybe its because this movie has been built up for so long and I just never got around to seeing it, but for the huge cult following it has gained talk about OVERRATED.  A kid I worked with last summer had seen this movie TWO-HUNDRED and something times and if I ever seen him again I'm going to slap him and ask, "What the fuck?"  Though I imagine it had something to do with some sort of Hepburn-oriented wet dream fantasy.  Weirdo.

11.  Pandora's Box (1929) - 3/4
I had to watch this movie for my film class.  For some reason the professor chooses the class to be a single, three and a half hour block rather than two individual classes.  Needless to say, after sitting in class for an hour and a half and then watching a two hour and fifteen minute German silent film afterwards I now have an alternative torture method for imprisoned terrorists.

And that's that...pretty good week.

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