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So I had three posts written up in various notebooks, but my lazy ass never got to typing them out.  Oh well, Mondupdate...

Movies from January 19th - 26th, 2009

1.  Requiem for a Dream (2000) - 4/4
Most of you have probably seen this.  After seeing The Wrestler I had an unwavering crave for more Aronovsky.  It was satisfied.

2.  The Public Enemy (1931) - 4/4
I recieved both Little Caesar and The Public Enemy in the mail.  While Little Caesar was good, Public Enemy was breathtaking.  James Cagney is so farking good in this movie it makes you want to start bootlegging alcohol again.

3.  Frozen River (2008) - 4/4
I would have given this movie 3.5/4, but considering it was shot on video, has no name actors (one getting an Oscar nom), a no name director and yet still is one of the best movies of the year it gets the extra half.  These are the kinds of movies that make think, "Maybe I could make a feature one day...and win a prize...and become a director for the rest of my life...and be happy forever and ever...and ever!"  Very inspiring.  

4.  The Killers (1946) - 3.5/4

This was my second time seeing this movie and it was just as good as the first.  The first scene is based off of Hemingway's short story of the same title; one of the few movies where it peaks right at the start.  Yet while both the movie and the story are amazing the band is obviously shit.  

5.  Little Caesar (1931) - 3.5/4

Based off of W.R. Burnett's novel which provides an allegorical framework for the selfish and dangerous threat of capitalism, it was Edward G. Robinson's introductory gangster role that would be repeated countless times.  Every time he refuses a drink its like watching a puppy chase its tail.

6.  La Bete Humaine (1938) - 3.5/4
I probably would have ranked this movie higher if the DVD didn't keep skipping and prevent our class from seeing the ending.  It's another movie that provides a bit of the historical background towards the birth of film noir with its pre-femme fatale femme fatale.

7.  American Teen (2007) - 3/4
This is a documentary set in some town of suburban Indiana.  It basically finds kids who comprise the personalities that Hughe's presented in The Breakfast Club - the princess, nerd, jock, outcast and bully...oh wait, not a bully just another jock.  I mean seriously, John Bender is the best character in the movie and they can't find a bully?!  It pissed me off , but nonetheless it makes you miss high school and all the ridiculous drama that use to mean the world.  Overall though, you could see it working better as a reality TV show rather than a movie.

8.  Expiration Date (2006) - 3/4
This movie was in some "Family Film Festival" boxset I got from Target.  Although it is obscenely similar to Garden State, considering its low-ass budget Rick Stevenson tells a pretty gripping story.  A kid's family has been cursed with getting killed by a milk truck at the age of 25 and...he's turning 25!  Duh, duh, duh...  Some good laughs though.

9.  The Reader (2008) - 2.5/4

Here it is!  Here is the movie that fucked The Wrestler in the ass by getting a best picture nomination.  The movie could have been A LOT better, but Stephen Daldry dragged his scenes on sooooooo much!  Jesus, by the time the movie was over I was CERTAIN this movie was three hours long - nope, just shy of two.  It's about a "Nazi whore" who is illerate. And yes, when the phrase Nazi Whore was used it was the best part of the movie.  The Wreslter my thoughts are with you because this movie is first tier GARBAGE.  (But I guess that makes it second tier gold).  

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Slumdog Millionaire was shot on a 15 million dollar budget. that's not bad for me, is it sister?