Sunday, April 19, 2009

Color Me Spielberg

I need to finish Spielberg’s filmography.  In fact speaking of S-named directors, I need to finish Scorsese’s filmography.  I don’t know what it is about the films 1941, Sugarland Express, Amistad, The Last Temptation, Kundun, or The Age of Innocence that makes me not want to watch them.  Well, maybe I do; 1941 is suppose to be terrible, The Last Temptation is too long and the content isn’t nearly intriguing enough, Kundun looks boring, and the two times I tried to watch The Age of Innocence I fell asleep.  Sugarland Express I for some reason compare to Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.  As of this writing, I just found out it was made in the same year as Sugarland; the period when feminism hits film.  I’m not anti-feminist, but maybe my reluctance would say otherwise. I’d say it’s more attributed to the equation South + Domineering Patriarchy = Depressing.  But then I question why I loved Thelma and Louise. why did I feel the need to see The Color Purple?

Well, after a long hiatus, I watched a few episodes of Dawson’s Creek, and with my competitive, pretentious film-major attitude, I was not going to be outdone by Mr. Dawson Leery who fashioned a poster of the movie in his bedroom.

And it was a gem, Dawson has good taste!  Another movie where I didn’t expect much and it paid off big time; a 5/5 Netflix stars, a “loved it,” 4/4 Ebert Stars, a 9/10 on imdb.  Particularly, I liked that it wasn’t about racism. Not saying anything is wrong about portraying this issue, but it was extremely refreshing to see a “black” movie take place in the early 1900s and not revolve around it.  Spike Lee needs to take a lesson.  There are indeed moments of racism and bigotry, but more significantly, are the poignant moments of family and friendship, ever-memorable characters and perfectly constructed scenes (namely, the final dinner scene). So although I could say I’m going to bite the bullet and finish those last three films of Speilberg’s, I probably won’t.  All I can say is that in the words of Jules Winnfield, Spielberg’s one badass motherfucker. 


Tim said...

wait, you haven't seen Last Temptation or you didn't like it?

Jon Cvack said...

Haven't seen it.